Toronto Maple Leafs

Canucks & Maple Leafs Have A Fight Filled Third Period
We may get an occasional fight here and there in an NHL game.  Not since the ugliness of the Red Wings, Avalanche rivalry have I seen brawls like this recent game between Vancouver and Toronto that happened over the weekend.
Red Wings Likely To Be A Part Of The Next Winter Classic
The Detroit Red Wings are schedule for one outdoor game this season which will be Saturday, February 27th In Denver.  According to Detroit Free Press, the Wings are the possible opponent for the Toronto Maple Leafs for the 2017 Winter Classic.
Happy NHL Opening Day
Today marks the beginning of the NHL Season.  Other than Baseball, Hockey is  my favorite sport.  Always enjoyed it from the first puck drop of the regular season to the final game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Today all the teams can feel they have a chance to win the Stanley Cup (the…
NHL Outdoor Games
The 2014 Winter Classic was played yesterday after being postponed from last year.  The Detroit Red Wings hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. It was a fun  game even though the Wings ended up losing in a Shootout 3-2...