Girls Night Out at Glass Art Kalamazoo
Full disclosure; this might be the start of something addictive. Glass Art Kalamazoo is hosting a one-of-a-kind Girls Night Out April 13th. Sure there will be wine and cheese, but trust me, there is nothing typical about this event. Two classes will be offered in two separate studios; glass blowing …
Acceptable Uses of the Word Female: An Essay
The word "female" isn't intrinsically bad, though it has faced its fair share of negativity, seeing as how something feminine is often used as an insult. You throw like a girl. Are you crying - what are you a woman? You get the idea.
An Alarm Clock for the Ladies… NSFW
If I had a dollar for every morning I hit the snooze, I'd be rich beyond my wildest dreams.  Contrary to my being a morning show personality, I am not a morning person.  I will eek out every second of sleeping-in I can until becoming a tornado of get-dressed-brush-teeth-feed-cats…
Vet Parks in Spot Reserved for Vets – Gets Nasty Note
This parking is for Veterans, lady. Learn to read and have some respect.
That is what a hastily written note said that a North Carolina woman found on her car when she exited a store on Tuesday.  Her name is Rebecca Hayes, and what this person chastising her didn't realize is that Haye…
More Evidence Men Are Idiots
I've passed along several indications in the last few months that the stereotype does exist.  It's not that men aren't smart.  After all, we do run the world and have been doing a pretty darn good job so far.
Sex Toy Test Drive
You're welcome... Let's recap the series.  First it was grandmas smoking pot, then it was ex cops smoking pot, then it was grandmas playing "F%#*k, Kill, Marry" with celebrities.
Men Finally Get Heard
We found out about a guy named Robbie Sherrard, who's blowing up on YouTube for talking about women's underwear.
But it's the other rant about how men can't do anything anymore without coming off as creepy that's more important.
I Mean…Women
My boss Kate Conley sent me an email about "Winning With Women" and, frankly, I have no idea why.  I mean... women.

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