I get constantly asked at events where the "Fly" in my name comes from.  I get asked," Is it from the song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" by The Offspring or "Superfly"?  It is neither and  since I've never really had the chance to talk about this on the air the origin of the name comes from the first real on air job I had in radio.  I did overnights in Lansing at the old 92.1 The Edge.  I'm a big fan of Steely Dan and Lead Singer Donald Fagen has a solo album called "The Nightfly".   The title song  fit the overnight jock lifestyle so I went by "Nightfly" for my entire stay in Lansing.  When I moved here to Kalamazoo I used the name for the first 9 months or so I did weekends here.  Eventually I moved into mid-days and "Nightfly" didn't fit so I shortened it to "Fly".  That is the origin of the nickname I've used for over 15 years!