I suppose it all started in March, when a friend of mine working as Lighting Tech on "Boeing, Boeing" casually asked a few of us theater folk if we'd be interested in doing a little team trivia at Bell's.


None of us had to mull it over.


Before we knew it, our little band of scallywags formed a team, and the quest for trivia gold was on.


Now, we're friendly in our competition.  No one takes it seriously.  It's just a good excuse to get out of the house; to finally make use of all the useless bits of knowledge floating around our minds.  When we put our heads together, we're actually pretty good!  We're usually hanging around the upper-half of the scoreboard, just shy of the top five.  It's not about the glory, though.  It's about having fun.  No one cares if we win...


...that is, until yesterday.


Our quest for greatness was achieved, and "Lindbergh's Baby Mama" FINALLY came in first place.


Thank you to ALL the teams who come out every week to play.  Thank you to Dave for being a great host.  Thank you to Bell's for putting up with all of us.  And thank you Paulie, T-Unit, Rave-on, King, Jolly, M&M, and The Edge for bringing it!  You guys rock!