OK, the movie wasn't that bad.  I get it though, cars turn into robots and beat the crap out of each other.  I got that with the first three movies.  And this one was almost three hours long.  How do you take a movie about robots beating the crap out of each other and stretch that into a three hour film?  Let me call Michael Bay real quick and ask him.

So, not much of a plot here.  Marky Mark plays an inventor who stumbles upon Optimus Prime and is know forced to help the Autobots, for three hours!  The beginning of the film focuses so much on Marky Mark being an inventor that you assume at the end of the film, he'll have to use his inventing skills to save the day.  Nope. Stanley Tucci plays a billionaire inventor who's trying to invent his own Transformers, and of course, everything goes wrong and they become bad guys, and then Stanley Tucci teams up with Marky Mark to help save the day.

It's a fun summer blockbuster with some cool action sequences and good special effects, but I have no intention of sitting down and re-watching this anytime soon.