As previously mentioned, my cousin and his wife own a restaurant in South Haven, Michigan.  Over the four years Taste has been open, Joel and Heidi have had the honor of entertaining some pretty incredible guests, one of which is Anthony Kiedis, singer for a little band called Red Hot Chili Peppers. They've had a few hits.

Anyway. Last weekend, Kiedis made his annual trip to Taste, and Joel finally got the courage to ask for an autograph... on a meat cleaver... solidifying that what my cousin cooks you gotta get and put it in you. My only question to Joel is... are you going to add a California Roll to your menu?

All in one week, Anthony Kiedis saved a baby's life, sang some Carpool Karaoke, and treated a fan to the autograph of a lifetime.  That's one hell of a hat-trick.

Joel Gesiakowski