You know the old adage, "When the cat's away, the mice will play."  But what's something specific that you do when your husband or wife is out of town? asked their users, and here are the five best answers:

1.  "I never make it to bed, because I pass out in front of the TV, and then sleep on the couch all night."

2.  "I pass gas freely and constantly."

3.  "I sleep much better, because I'm not next to a human furnace."

4.  "I walk around braless.  Which I don't do when my husband is home, because he won't stop staring and wants to get-it-on constantly."

5.  "I play a ton of video games, followed by copious amounts of self-pleasuring in the living room . . . followed by more video games."

So, The Rocker Morning Show wants to know; what's something you do differently when your husband or wife is away?