Has anyone noticed that every time Pat asks a contestant who's with them in the audience they say something like, "my best friend and wife of 6 years Kim" or "my husband, who's the glue that holds our whole family together!"  Barf!  Really, guys?  I can't wait to get a "real" contestant on the show who answers the question more accurately; "well Pat, I'm here with the man who knocked me up in Cabo 2 years ago who has made my life a living hell ever since!  The restraining order doesn't go through until next week, so here we are."  Or better yet, "I'm here with my brother John, and my soon to be ex-wfe, Karen.  We signed a pre-nub before the wedding and she cheated on me with the neighbor and I brought her here so she could see how much money she wouldn't be getting in the divorce."  Now those are great answers and I think would lead to higher ratings!