Last night wrapped up the season for 24: Live Another Day.  After never watching an episode of the original 24, I enjoyed the series and now see why 24 got the attention it got when it was originally on.  Now the Question is will the show come back again? I read that the producers said if there's a story that comes along that excites them and if Kiefer Sutherland wants to continue then there's a show.  I'm also curious if they still plan to make a feature film of 24.  It sounded like that was a sure thing then they never had a story.  I think it would still be cool to see a feature film, bigger budget they could do more I guess we will have to wait and see if we get a feature film, a new season or if Jack Bauer rides into the sunset. I'm in with the fan's let there be more!

Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images