Once again all good things came together to create a nearly perfect place on earth.  Good people in our communities told us about good people who needed a little help this year.  Then more good people collected wishes and they called on more good people to shop for all the good families.  Yesterday, that place was Seelye Wright in Paw Paw where dozens of families gathered for tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and a feast.  In nearly 20 years of Christmas Wish, I don't think I've been as overwhelmed with emotions; happiness, sadness, gratitude, pride, sympathy, empathy and love; especially for all involved with Wright For Kids.  The names are too numerous to mention.  Times like these remind me to never feel bad about feeling good.  There's that word again- GOOD.  It's the most important word because Christmas Wish began with the premise that has existed for thousands of years: children are told that if they've been good all year Santa will bring them toys on their list.  So, how do you explain to a child that's been good all year why Santa didn't come?  This year, (and maybe the only year) kids got exactly what they asked Santa for.  And that, my good friends, is what it's all about.  Merry Christmas.