October 5th is Global James Bond Day.  The day marks the anniversary of the first James Bond movie, "Dr. No" which was released in 1962.   If they ever wanted to film a movie in Michigan here are three locations that would be great to see in a future film.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

The first location I would love to see in a James Bond film is Mackinac Island.  It would be interesting to see Bond at the Grand Hotel. As for what kind of chase scene they could do I think you either do a foot chase or even do some sort of bike/horse carriage chase around the Island.  They could also incorporate the bridge and do something similar to what they did in "A View To A Kill" with the Golden Gate bridge.


Google Maps Street View

Another location that I think would be great for a Bond film is the Tunnel of Trees (M-119) outside of Harbor Springs.   This location would be great for either a motorcycle chase or even a car chase as the road is narrow and would make for a scenic chase sequence.  I would also love to see them use downtown Harbor Springs in some way.


Google Maps Street View

I think there should be a local  scene used for a film and I thought that the backdrop of the Gilmore Car Museum would work.    They can use the vintage cars on display or even the diner that is on the grounds.   Could be a meeting place for Bond and an informant or even be part of  the grounds for the villain.


Those are three places that come to mind that I think would work for use in a James Bond film.   What do you think of the ones listed?   Have a location that you think would be great for a Bond film in the future?

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