Gene the Pumpkin Man is an Kalamazoo area icon known each fall for his huge pumpkin patch on M-43 just west of the city.

Have you never visited 'Gene the Pumpkin Man's' farm? If you're planning on it, and head over to, here is a sample of what you'll find fellow travelers have said.

Irisheyes042  says...

"Always a fall treat"

"Fun for the whole family. Gene has been there for years. Lots of pumpkins to choose from along with gourds, squash and many different size pumpkins to choose from."

Moekazoo says...

"Pumpkin fun"

"Gene the pumpkin Man is an essential part of the West Michigan Fall experience. You can stroll around the grounds with a wagon, selecting pumpkins, gourds, squash and sometimes sunflowers and honey. Gene is the highlight because he is such a kind, genuine person who takes time to talk to all of his customers and make you feel at home...."

Jonnie W says...

"A fun visit your kids will remember"

"My kids are in their 40s and they still remember going to pick out pumpkins with Gene, Gene the Pumpkin Man. It's a memorable outing you're having, not just a pumpkin you're buying. Much more fun than grabbing one at the supermarket. Enjoy!"

Laura T says...


"Gene the Pumpkin Man is a staple. We visit him each fall to get our pumpkins. As another reviewer said, you do have to watch the prices and be prepared to pay a little more than you thought. But he won't be around forever, and it's a great place to take your kids/grandkids."

Jeri N says...

"Fantastic Place"

"Gene the Pumpkin Man is a long time icon around here. He's been around for decades and always pleasant. The folks working around the property work hard and take well care of the crops. He has some of the best and largest pumpkins around!"

Now For Your Warning!

Vicki B says...


"Excellent choice of pumpkins! However, Gene will just throw out a price when you're ready to pay which may be a lot more than you were expecting. Pumpkins are not priced otherwise."

Even the warning is not that bad; great guy, great place! We are lucky to have him!