Battle Creek residents had a quiet autumn Saturday morning startled by at least 3 loud, mysterious booms.

The noises occurred earlier today (10/21).

They have been reported on social media:

Our news gathering partner, WBCK received this question on their Facebook page:

What's going on with all our houses shaking this morning?

Possible Causes of Loud Booms

Sometimes an electric transformer blowing will create a loud boom. says,

First you should look for man-made sources like jet sonic booms (actually not permitted over inhabited areas), military and police trainings (and they will not always tell you they are guilty), underground tunnel constructions, blasting, fire, explosions (e.g., tannerite).

You may also know that earthquakes produce loud booms. So if you live in an earthquake prone area, a fracking area, or near a volcano you may experience these loud rumbling noises.

So what do you think it was?

Update - Battle Creek City Commissioner shared this update on the WBCK Facebook page:

I received calls from constituents and checked on it. It was the Guard training. I suggested that they be contacted to notify the City when these types of training might occur

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