Head west out of downtown Battle Creek and you'll see the city's skyline dominating Federal Center. Once upon a time, there was a fairground right next door.

The interesting piece of history was turned up recently on the You Know You're From Battle Creek Facebook page, which turned up a map showing a large plot called 'Fairgrounds' located near the corner of Washington and Manchester where today's Fieldstone Center is.

Cross streets like Kendall and Howland stopped at Manchester while east-west streets like Oaklawn, Ann and Greenwood didn't exist.

Battle Creek historian Mary Butler shared that the Manchester Street Fair Grounds, as they were known were built in 1856 and hosted horse racing, as well as circuses and traveling shows like granges and chautauquas.

Dr JH Kellogg also had a home on the fairgrounds property.

The photo that accompanies this article is from the outstanding digital collection of the Willard Library.

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