I was a typical 15-year-old. I had homework assignments to put off until the day before they were due, Driver's Ed hours to acquire, and groups to not fit in to. With all of those teenage shenanigans, I was busy; certainly too busy to apply an ancient civilization's obsession to modern day charts in the hopes of finding a long-lost city...

...without ever leaving home.

That's just what William Gadoury, a 15-year-old student from Quebec did.  He managed to find a long lost Mayan City, all by studying the stars in our skies; the very stars that dominated the minds of ancient Central Americans.

You see, the Mayans were an incredibly advanced culture, astrologically speaking. A civilization that was reduced to ghost towns by 900 AD, the Maya were so in tune with the stars and how to chart them that they were able to accurately predict weather patterns and catastrophic planetary events to this day.  All young Gadoury had to do, was rewind the cosmos a few thousand years to make one of the biggest archaeological discoveries of the century... with the help of NASA, of course.  Read all about it below


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