City Of Kalamazoo Parks & Recreation Managing Director Sean Fletcher made what could be a career-ending decision to join us on the show this morning to talk about the changes coming to Bronson Park downtown.  It's all part of the "Bronson Park 21st Century Campaign".

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So far $700,000 has been raised with the goal of 2 million and change.  Obviously, there will be changes to the fountain such as a reflecting pool, better use of memorial placement, archways and more.  But Sean revealed something that I really think is going to be cool; a skating rink!  It'll be like skating at Rockefeller Center in New York.  OK, maybe not quite that but it'll be really cool.  There's a Kick-off party tonight starting at 6pm with food trucks, music and details on what exactly is being planned for the park.  for more information click HERE.