One of my favorite past times has been taken from us -- going to see a live band in concert at one of the great Michigan venues. So let's look back to what the summer of 1993 was bringing to us at the old Pine Knob.

Now, it's officially 'DTE Energy Theater', but the old shed in Clarkston will always be 'Pine Knob' to me. Often I would run to either the Detroit News or the Free Press to see who was playing in the coming weeks, because every Sunday Pine Knob would run a giant ad highlighting the upcoming shows.

Here's one of those ads from 1993, recently posted to the Detroit News Instagram feed.

It brought back great memories of summer's past. Not only were their great rock bands like Foreigner and Santana on the bill but 'An Evening With Anne Murray' and a show by Fred Penner and the Cat's Meow Band, which quite frankly, I swear I never heard of before today, even though I must of saw that ad because I was definitely at that Neil Young show a couple of weeks before.

Keep in mind, this is only the end of the summer schedule, as the ad was run in mid-August. lists the entire summer schedule on their site, and it included (of course) Eddie Money, Kansas, Run DMC, Poison, Sting, Chicago, Don Henley, Van Halen, Megadeth (with Pantera), Bon Jovi and a ton of other big name acts.

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