If you like Christmas lights on houses, check all these houses out who had their lights timed to go with the beat of the music.

Each year since people started setting up over-the-top Christmas lights on their homes, there are a few people who go the extra mile and add music.

I'm not sure if these are just a bunch of dad's doing their best impression of "Tim the Toolman Taylor" from the TV show Home Improvement that starred Michigan's own Tim Allen, or lighting technicians from bands or theaters with too much time on their hands. Either way, there are some pretty cool setups out there.

I'm a huge Kiss fan and I found this video set to Rock n Roll All Night. I thought this was particular slick how the lights showed the faces of the members of the band:

I have to admit, the creativity and the detail some of these individuals put into these Christmas light displays blow's my mind. This is probably why I don't put up Christmas lights myself because it would have to be a production.

If you have ever seen Metallica live, you know that when they perform their song "One", it has an intro they have always timed lights too. Someone has taken that idea and put a holiday spin on it:

Slayer fans are unique and loyal to their band. This fan is known as Slayerbob, and at the risk of losing his wife because of all the time he put into this Christmas light show, he did a pretty cool job with "Angel of Death." I will say props for the headbanging snowman!

Slayerbob makes another appearance with his Christmas light show featuring another metal band that starts with an "S" and that is Slipknot. The Christmas tree has a mouth move to the lyrics "Psychosocial." It really gets you in the spirit of the holidays. Try not to knock down your Christmas tree with your circle pit in the living room:

AC/DC is one of the most recognizable bands in the world and very easy to see why "Thunderstruck" was chosen for this holiday display:

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a band that is totally dedicated to Christmas music that rocks. This is a very detailed light show that had to take some serious time to set up.

A man by the name of Tom BetGeorge put this amazing light show together using Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Sarajevo." The guitar and piano are such an awesome touch for this video, and because the song has so many dynamics, it really makes it a perfect piece to not just see the lights, but feel the music:

This next video may not be set to rock music but the visual is well worth the watch. You may find yourself wanting to play ping pong after watching this:

This next video is more traditional sounding Christmas music but the visuals are amazing and next level in the world of amazing Christmas light displays:

I have found the house projection is really catching on and I didn't want to be a mean one and not include one featuring the Grinch:

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas light shows that rock.

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