Is there a more typical American family during the holidays than the Griswolds of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Each family member has his and her own quirks and foibles just like the cities across Michigan. Here are the classic characters of Christmas Vacation if they were a city in Michigan.

Clark Griswold - Detroit

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Clark is the all-American dad who will get it done no matter what anyone throws in his way. Clark is scrappy and, just like Detroit, has a can-do attitude and spirit and always makes you want to root for the underdog.

Ellen Griswold - Lansing

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If Clark Griswold is Detroit - out front and getting all the attention, there's someone else standing right beside them and helping to shoulder the load. Our state capitol of Lansing, just like Ellen's role in the family, is the glue of leadership that holds it all together.

Aunt Bethany - Sault Ste. Marie

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The grande dame of the family, Aunt Bethany, is just like Michigan's oldest city, Sault Ste. Marie. Sure, much of the bloom is off the rose, but she'll always be a beloved and cherished member of the family, even if you only see her once a year, at a holiday - that's good enough.

Audrey Griswold - Muskegon

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Audrey is right in those awkward teenage years. You're really not sure what she's in to anymore and she doesn't really want to spend much time around the rest of the clan. You kind of have fond remembrances of her from when she was younger and hope that she'll be more interesting as she grows up. But for now, there's something that's just so Muskegon about Audrey.

The Neighbors (Margo and Todd Chester) - Harbor Springs

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While everyone else is having turkey and egg nog for Christmas dinner, the Chesters, like the denizens of Harbor Springs, would likely be enjoying duck confit topped with a cranberry aioli chased by a white wine spritz. Get over yourself, Harbor Springs.

Cousin Eddie - Bay City

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Bay City is a lovely place, it really is. It just has an odor problem thanks to the awful stench created by the city's sugar processing plants, kind of like Cousin Eddie's early morning sewage dump.

Christmas Vacation Clips

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