The cross that sits atop the historic Baptist Chruch in Benton Harbor no longer stands true and has been leaning towards collapse for some time.

The greater Southwest Michigan community was made aware of the issue at the building which is now home to Progressive Missionary Baptist when a photo was shared on the Benton Harbor - St Joseph Memories Facebook group.

Group member Juanita Forster shared this information on how the congregation is struggling with maintaining the church,

They are trying to maintain as best they can. The maintenance and utilities are enormous and membership is down.
The cost of repairing the church is almost out of reach.
I cry when ever I go home. Progressive was a jewel in my father's eyes. I'm sure he's crying from heaven.

There is talk of organizing a GoFundMe campaign to assist with righting the cross. The church is located at 245 Pipestone in Benton Harbor and dates back to the 1860s.