Def Leppard might perform some 2018 U.S. shows with Journey.

"I know that nothing is set in stone," Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell said. "But negotiations are going on, and one of the acts we're talking about touring with next year could possibly be Journey."

Talk of a tour together heated up after founding Journey bassist Ross Valory apparently mentioned the possibility ahead of a show in New Orleans recently.

The bands last shared a bill in 2006, when Def Leppard were on the road in support of Yeah! At that point, Journey were touring during singer Jeff Scott Soto's brief tenure in the group; Arnel Pineda has been Journey's frontman since 2007.

Their run together has been described as one of Def Leppard's most successful since the early '90s. "We weren't convinced," Phil Collen admitted in his autobiography Life, Def Leppard and Beyond. "But all of that changed on the first date of the tour in Camden, N.J., when all 23,000 tickets were sold – and 3,000 people couldn't get in. The tour was a raging success, and Journey was awesome. They were so good, it really inspired us to raise our bar every night."

Campbell, whose recent comments were part of an interview on the Do You Know Jack? radio show, cautioned that these possible Journey dates are "not the only thing that's in the works. But I know we are trying to put together a big tour for next year."

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