Foreigner have released a four-minute trailer for their new concert movie Double Vision: Then and Now, which premieres tonight.

The show was recorded in 2017, when the current lineup – fronted by Kelly Hansen – joined with the surviving members of the original lineup, including singer Lou Gramm, for two concerts marking the band’s 40th anniversary. Similar shows have taken place since then, with more booked for October.

You can watch the trailer below.

“It’s been a little while in the making,” band leader Mick Jones admitted in a new interview with Billboard. “We had a lot of fun. I think we captured that, and it's nice for it to be documented in this way.”

He recalled that "it was a little tentative in the beginning. … Obviously nerves were high – for me, anyway – wondering how it would turn out. And I needn't have worried at all because it turned out amazingly well. There were no crises, no bad feelings anywhere at all. It was much easier than what I anticipated it would be.”

Asked if he was concerned about any acrimony from the past rising again, Jones said he "tried to sort of just clear my mind of any lingering anything, and I think Lou had done that too. We had already re-established a little kind of smiling and warm sort of feeling. You could feel it. We were all there to do something special and make up for some things that had gone on before.

“Everything was very positive, from the word go, and any problems that might have been there were nonexistent. It was done in the spirit of friendship and doing something that the original guys would restore with some pride and some feeling of involvement. The music they made at the beginning is still very relevant today, and that means a lot to them and certainly means a lot to me.”

Double Vision: Then and Now will air on AT&T Audience Network, AT&T Now and DirecTV; it will also be available for streaming via DirecTV Now and the DirecTV app. A full release in CD, DVD and digital formats will follow in October.


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