If ever there was a place where you might still feel comfortable leaving your doors unlocked, it would be in a place like Fulton. The hamlet is surrounded by miles of forest and farmland and located in rural Wakeshma Township in southeast Kalamazoo County.

But crime can even strike in Fulton. A warned was placed on Facebook recently telling of a theft from a vehicle in the small community.

48th Street. Someone decided to bust the windows out of our van and car while we were at dinner. Took my schoolbag, laptop, gym bag, tennis shoes, and my MAKEUP damn it....if ANYONE comes across a ice hockey bag, marked little ceasars.....reward for skates, sharpening tool and sticks in the bag. Please contact me here if you have any information pertaining to the break in as well.

One reply, "Good lord! I didn’t think much of anything happened in Fulton."

Even in Fulton - proving it can happen anywhere.

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