Governor Gretchen Whitmer will unveil a new plan to roll out a 45-cent gas tax hike which would be phased in later this year and in 2020.

"Fixing the damn roads," is something Governor Whitmer says is a big priority and a phrase that she became well-known for during her 2018 campaign.

WXYZ says Whitmer is expected to make the announcement tomorrow when she outlines her budget proposal to the Michigan legislature.

Whitmer's plan is said to increase the state's gas tax 15 cents every six months over an 18-month period. The gas tax in Michigan is currently 26 cents.

“A good solution to a bad, bad problem that’s impacting every one of us. We are all paying for lousy roads. We are paying a road tax right now in the form of car repairs as opposed to fixing the damn roads," Whitmer said during the launch of the "Fix the damn roads" campaign.

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