Green Day are currently off the road, but they certainly are building the excitement for their live return. Just last month, fans started buzzing after it was posted that the group had performed their Dookie album in its entirety during a band practice, with many connecting the dots to 2019 being the disc's 25th anniversary. But now the band has gone all in on another disc -- 1995's Insomniac.

Bassist Mike Dirnt revealed the news via an Instagram post that showed the three members in the studio, then suggested a photo scroll that revealed the scrawled out set list, starting with "Armatage Shanks" and ending with "Walkin' Contra" (aka "Walking Contradiction"). See the post below.

Though the connection to the 25th anniversary of Dookie was easy, no major anniversary lies waiting for Insomniac unless the band is getting a two-year jump on doing an anniversary tour for that disc as well. However, it could be that Green Day are getting familiar with their entire catalog for special shows when they return to the road.

Green Day were on top of the music world with Dookie and immediately kept the momentum going with the release of Insomniac in October of 1995. The album featured such hit singles as "Brain Stew," "Geek Stink Breath," "Jaded" and "Walking Contradiction."

What does it all mean? Stay tuned and see what Green Day might have in store when they return to the road.

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