Just for grins and giggles, let's suppose you got a your case-file.  You know, a manila folder from the great beyond that details every step, every strength, every weakness, every moment of joy you've ever had in your life.  If you could glean ONE statistic from your "Other-Worldly Excel Spreadsheet,"  which would you choose to see?

Reddit.com asked their users, and here are some of the best answers:

1.  Your changing life expectancy.  Like, after exercising, you could see the immediate change in your life expectancy go up.  Or after drinking two bottles of whiskey, you could watch how much it goes down.

2.  The number of times you've been right and wrong in arguments.

3.  How many people actually love you.

4.  The number of people who've imagined having sex with you.  This would be especially interesting as a running statistic . . . so, like, at a party, you could see it go up after a good conversation and know you're IN.

5.  How attractive you are compared to the rest of the population.