Aside from heights, clowns, and small spaces, people all over the world suffer from fears you may not expect. asked their users what there weird, irrational fear is, and here are some responses:

1.  "I'm horrified of mirrors in dark or dimly lit rooms.  I keep expecting the ghost of a dead child to pop up in the mirror behind me."

2.  "I'm afraid to walk down stairs wearing my glasses.  I really believe I will fall, my glasses will shatter, the glass will splinter into my eye, and I'll go blind."

3.  "I won't go snorkeling because I am genuinely afraid a seagull will poop right into the snorkel when it's open."

4.  "When my daughter was born, I was paralyzed with a fear that I might accidentally put her in the microwave and turn it on."

5.  "I'm freaked out by animals acting human.  Like, computer-generated cartoons where animals wear clothes and talk scare the hell out of me."

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's the weirdest, most irrational fear you have?