I'm sure you have heard of buyers remorse, you know when you regret buying something, well have you ever had sellers remorse?

I have definitely made some impulse purchases in my day that I did later regret, but usually when I get rid of something, or this case, sell something, it doesn't phase me at all because it was time to get rid of whatever I was selling.

Well this time, I definitely am having sellers remorse, it actually started before I actually sold the item.

So let's start at the beginning, 3 years ago I purchased a pontoon boat so my son, his older brother and I could have fun out on the Hardy Pond by pulling the boys around on the raft, swimming, cruising and fishing.

This was my dream boat and the boys loved it to, maybe even more than me. The boat would hold 10 people so we could have a few families join us in the fun. The boat was also a fishing pontoon boat with two live wells, a foot controlled electric motor and a fish finder.

Basically this pontoon in my eyes was the ultimate boat because it is so versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. The only problem is, I really don't have the time to use the boat that often.

I bought a fishing boat last summer so my son and I could fish smaller bodies of water and have more access to lakes and even rivers that the pontoon boat just couldn't get on. The problem is, the fishing boat gets used sometimes more in one weekend than the pontoon gets used in the whole entire summer.

Anyone who owns a boat knows in most cases there are some expenses that you have just by owning a boat. Rent a slip, service each year and shrink wrap and insurance. Plus you may have a monthly payment like in my case.

I just couldn't see paying the money for something I barely use even though it was some of the best times I have ever had on a body of water with my son, family and friends.

So I pulled the trigger and put the boat up for sale and that is when my stomach started to hurt a little. Then I was contacted by the first potential buyers and they backed out and I actually felt a little relief. I actually put the boat up for sale for quite a bit more than I paid for it, thinking if someone will pay this much, I would be fool not to sell it since I could go buy another brand new one just like it and still have money left over but would have to wait a while to get the boat. I was still ok with not selling the boat.

Well I took excellent care of this boat and it still looks like it came off the showroom floor and that is exactly what the buyers of the boat said yesterday.

I actually had trouble sleeping last night feeling like a I made a huge mistake, but every time I thought about the financial side of things it was the right decision. Even today when I went to the bank to set up the meeting where the buyer and I will sit down and do the transaction.

I haven't told my son yet who absolutely loves the boat. I know he will be heart broken and may even a little upset with me. I hope the fish finder I will buy and have mounted on his end of the fishing boat that I buy with some of the profits will help ease his sweet little mind.

My son and I will miss that pontoon boat but for three summers we did rack up some of the best memories ever.

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