UPDATE:  A heartbroken Shirley Hughes called me to share the sad news that Levi, the missing 20+ year old horse was found dead early in the week.   The chestnut gelding disappeared last week with his longtime stablemate, Buddy, a day after the pair had been relocated to a neighbor's property.  Buddy returned to his old home, covered with mud.   Shirley said there were five different drone operators helping to look for the missing horse, and one person who read our article on the WBCK Website is the one who located him.

"It was in a wetland area, very overgrown, with a lot of old fences and barbed wire, " said Hughes. "Once we knew where he was, we had a rough time getting to the location on foot.  We were hoping to get there in time, but he had passed away some time before."

She speculated that Levi may have been stressed and scared and had a heart attack.  He was an older horse.    Hughes said she's so grateful for all of the support, and that at least she isn't left wondering if her old friend is still out three struggling.

Original Story:

The search for one of two horses continues in Leroy Township after they ran off and were separated.

Shirley Hughes said that they gave the pair to neighbors who had teenage kids, but the horses got out and took off.   “They’re old boys, both more than 20 years old,” said Hughes.  “They were pretty much inseparable, so that’s what concerns me.”

Hughes said both horses were in good physical shape.  Buddy, the white-spotted pony came back to his old home, but without his old chestnut friend, Levy.

The two escaped together from their new home on H Drive S. Both were then last seen traveling across land heading north.

Hughes said both horses stuck together, so they’re worried that Levi got himself into a possibly dangerous situation. “We focused our search Saturday by checking with neighbors in the block formed by 6 Mile Road, H Drive South, 7 Mile Road, and Boyd Drive. No sightings. We aren't sure, but we think possibly he might still be in that area. We've tried with several searches on foot, but with overgrowth and wetlands, it's difficult to negotiate. Please keep looking for him! He may be outside of that area also. I'm sure he's very frightened.”

If you see Levi, please call Shirley Hughes at 269-275-0585.

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