Meet the Dill Dog, a hot dog wrapped in a pickle. The creation comes from the wiener wizards at 1 Bun Restaurant in Grand Rapids.

The dill dog is exactly like it sounds, a hot dog where the bun is replaced by a pickle.

1 Bun, on South Division in Grand Rapids, sells the dill dog for $2.20. The photo above appears to be a coney-style Dill Dog with chili, cheese and onion. I even seen some Heinz "Chicago Dog Sauce" better known as ketchup on that dill dog.

The Dill Dog appears to be a champion of pickle efficiency, by removing the wedge from the pickle to place the dog, the remnant pickle piece creates the prefect pickle-spear accouterment.

The menu at 1 Dog also includes burger dogs, corn dogs and a sloppy J.

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