The year was 1988. Stamps were 24 cents. The IBM PC with 30Mb Hard Disk was all the rage. People were still buying Volkswagen Rabbits. A simpler time, 1988 also granted us the two-part made-for-TV-mini-series "The Bourne Identity" (yes, that Bourne Identity) starring Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith. I was not aware of this until my book club decided to read the book and watch the movie together, you know, to compare notes.

Watching anything from the 80s requires a little bit of forgiveness. Directors and cinematographers were still getting their bearings, especially when it came to television. Special effects weren't passable. Fight scenes seemed slow and stilted. 80s movies do require a little more of that willing suspension of disbelief than we're used to giving.

But nothing prepared me for the majesty that is Chamberlain and Smith's love scene. Don't worry, folks, it's completely safe for work (it was made for TV in the 80s, for crying outside). Is this the worst sex scene of all time?