Vince Neil doesn't expect Motley Crue to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame any time soon.

Despite being eligible since 2007, the hugely popular band has never even received a nomination. That hasn’t stopped the Crue’s fans from championing their cause – or the musicians themselves from pondering the possibility.

"I think it'd be pretty cool to be inducted,” Neil admitted during an interview with WMMR Philadelphia, "but we'll probably be dead when they induct us.”

Drummer Tommy Lee, who was also part of the interview, revealed conflicted feelings towards the Hall, alluding to many of the non-rock acts who have earned induction.

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"It's weird. It's one of those things where you're, like, 'Oh, that would be so fucking rad,'” the drummer noted. “And then, it's a weird double-edged thing. Because at one point it was like, 'Whoa, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.' And then, over the years, there's been a bunch of people getting inducted into it that – I don't know – sometimes you're like, 'Huh? How's that possible?' or 'I'm not sure that this quite fits' or whatever. And so then you go, you're like, 'Yeah, maybe it's not that cool.' But if the fans think it's cool, then it's cool."

Motley Crue's New Song

Motley Crue recently released their new single, “Dogs of War.” The tune marks their first material since original guitarist Mick Mars was replaced by John 5.

“When I heard the song it was like, ‘Woah, this is really cool. It’s heavy, it’s melodic [and] the lyrics are great,” Neil noted during a conversation with UCR, recalling when he first heard a demo of the track.

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Motley Crue will be playing an assortment of festivals this summer, including Welcome to Rockville, Summerfest and Aftershock. The band also recently teased a club show in New York, under the pseudonym 1981.

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