Metallica performed their epic track “Inamorata” for the first time at their tour stop in Munich, Germany last night (May 26).

The song, from 2023 album 72 Seasons, featured in a 16-track set that also included two tour debuts. Videos and the full set list can be seen below.

“This song we have never ever played live before,” frontman James Hetfield told the crowd before “Inamorata” – their longest-ever piece, which runs to 11 minutes and 10 seconds on the LP. He added: “In our band we don’t recognize the word ‘mistake.’ Because there are no mistakes – there’s just unique moments that happen, alright? That’s what we need to tell ourselves. …… This is one of my favorites, alright? So I’m gonna like it!”

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The band also delivered “Hit the Lights” from Kill ‘Em All, which has been a less frequent feature on recent tours, along with their cover of Budgie’s “Breadfan,” which they’ve been playing live since the late ‘80s but – again – hasn’t showed up as often as the years have passed.

The current leg of Metallica’s M72 World Tour continues across Europe until July 14 before the band kick off another round of North American shows on Aug. 2.

Watch Metallica Perform ‘Inamorata’

Watch Metallica Perform ‘Harvester of Sorrow’ and ‘Hit the Lights’

Watch Metallica Perform ‘Breadfan’

Metallica – Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany, 5/26/24 – Set List

1. “Creeping Death”
2. “Harvester of Sorrow”
3. “Hit the Lights”
4. “Ride the Lightning”
5. “72 Seasons”
6. “If Darkness Had a Son”
7. “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”
8. “Inamorata”
9. “The Call of Ktulu”
10. “No Leaf Clover”
11. “Wherever I May Roam”
12. “Moth Into Flame”
13. “Fight Fire With Fire”
14. “Breadfan”
15. “One”
16. “Enter Sandman”

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