While lazily watching YouTube over the weekend, I discovered something new that I'm still not quite sure how to feel about.

Spicy ice cream.

I found out this oxymoronic treat exists while watching a Food Theory video on methods to combat spicy foods. For some reason bathed in masochism, MatPat ordered the three-peppered ice cream flavor called Cold Sweat from an ice cream shop in his wife's hometown.

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Contrary to my watching this video in the first place, I am not a spice chaser. I love buffalo wings, but I very much want to enjoy the flavor and have just a bit of heat for fun. There's absolutely no desire for me to try The Last Dab hot sauce, a Carolina Reaper pepper or a One Chip Challenge. More power to you if that's your thing.

If eating ice cream you have to sign a waiver and prove you can handle it to even be allowed to purchase is your thing, there's only the option mentioned in the video in North Carolina. However, if you want to try some spicy ice cream in Michigan, you've got a couple of options.

Go! Ice Cream in Ypsilanti, Michigan, has several flavors of ice cream that are on the spicy side. They have a Curry flavor described as "A warm, spicy, colorful pick-me-up flavor packed with green cardamom and lots of warming spices." They also have a Vernor's infused flavor called Caramel Candied Ginger that uses the word spicy three times in its description.

There are a couple of other options too, so if you're looking for the most variety of spicy ice cream flavors, check out their menu and pay them a visit.

Your other option is Great Lakes Ice Cream Co. located in either Midland or Saginaw. They recently announced a Spicy Vanilla flavor that incorporates a few red chilli pepper variants to give the ice cream a real kick.

Those were the only two shops I could find, so if I've missed any, be sure to let us know on Facebook so I can add them to the list.

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