Horrocks is my happy place. If you know, you know.

The family-owned farm market is so much more than just a grocery store-- it's a destination! It's also a flower shop and garden center, gift shop, live music venue, food truck park, beer garden, bakery, butcher, etc.

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Whether you plan to restock your fridge or have a couple of hours to kill, Horrocks is a great place to do so. Speaking from personal experience, Horrocks is also a great place to have a first date! Everything you need is under one roof.

What originated in the Lansing area has now grown to include Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, but get ready for a shake-up here in Southwest Michigan as Horrocks is planning a big move.

Lauren G/TSM
Lauren G/TSM

Opening Soon:

News Channel 3 reports new signage has gone up at the Lakeview Square Mall in anticipation of the Horrocks relocation. The market will soon occupy the former J.C. Penny storefront at the Battle Creek shopping center.

The store announced its plan to relocate from downtown Battle Creek to the mall back in 2019, but there's no word on when exactly this relocation will take place or when the new store will be up and running.

However, the new signage must mean the ball is already rolling! The business is also in the process of hiring more employees for the new Lakeview location; those interested may turn in an application at the current Horrocks- Battle Creek storefront at 235 Capital Ave.

Locals React

Although I love Horrocks' current location in downtown Battle Creek, it does seem to be the smallest of the three stores. Personally, I hope this new move brings the store closer to resembling the Grand Rapids or flagship location in Lansing.

Here are what Battle Creek residents have to say about the big move:

  • "Wish they would keep the one on capital too. There are two Aldi's, why not two horrocks. Many people who shop there don't have vehicles to get out to the mall area." - Joyce Ann Huntington
  • "I will miss them if they do move. We won't go the extra distance and deal with the heavy traffic as frequently." - Michael Livingston
  • "I am so excited for this to happen! I hated going downtown and the mall is so much closer. I love the variety of foods and flowers. So much nicer than Meijers and Walmart." - Debbi Benedict

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