Look, we, as a country, tend to make fun of Florida for how they act after a natural disaster. For example, when we see Floridians water skiing or wakeboarding through the streets after a hurricane brought in heavy rain:

Ridiculous, yes. But, this isn't much better!

As seen on Tiktok, someone in the downtown Kalamazoo area was spotted dog sledding through the streets after the "historic" storm we had over the holiday weekend.

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Shared by the account @aliceeeisswag2, the video has already been viewed over 120,000 times. The words on the screen read, "Just a casual drive through kzoo," and shows a person being pulled by two dogs down what looks like Main Street in the downtown area:

A few of the comments pointed out that the building in the background was St. A's or, more commonly known as St. Augustine Cathedral. A quick search on Google maps confirms those comments:

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Speaking of the comments, it seems like all of us in Kalamazoo were shown this video on Tiktok. A few of the comments read:

If I didn’t live here, I wouldn’t think it was a real place - Mikayla S. 

Gotta utilize those bike lanes somehow - Abby

Smh can’t believe I live here - Shamiel H. 

is that a POODLE - Rachel 

100% not surprised in the slightest - John C.

Still, who the person is and how far they traveled both remain a mystery. So, if you were dog sledding/skiing down Main Street over the weekend, just so you know, you are now internet famous!

Only in Kalamazoo, right?

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