When I think of the brand "Precious Moments" I think of things like modesty, kitsch, and quite honestly my grandma. However, this property listed in the Chicago-area suburbs is anything but modest!

Once owned by the original Precious Moments creator Sam Butcher and subsequently occupied by his son Jon and wife Missy, the 17,000-sq. foot estate has been on and off the market over the last decade. Take a look!

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About Precocious Moments

Born in Jackson, Michigan Sam Butcher began making art professionally after being promoted to the art department while working at the Child Evangelism Fellowship, combining his passion for his faith and his art. According to the Precious Moments website, Butcher began drawing his signature teardrop-eyed children he called "Precious Moments" for friends and family first, then for television, eventually landing in the greeting card world.

Precious Moments were publicly unveiled in 1975 and the first figurine was created in 1978. Today the company has grown to include a full line of gifts and collectibles, an animated series, and recorded over $12 billion in retail sales.

Living Large

No wonder the Butcher family could afford such a massive estate! The six-bedroom, 10-bathroom home boasts an indoor pool and hot tub, several fireplaces, an entertainment room, a spa with a sauna, and an in-law suite.

Above all, I'd say one of the home's best features is the "award-winning" indoor Japanese zen gardens, which were designed by Hoichi Kurisu. According to one of the home's previous listings,

This truly inspired property guides you through a personal process of discovery. Here you will find an opportunity to meld your home and business life together and enjoy the healing qualities that surround you. Wood, water, fire, earth and metal are included throughout...Once described as a “micro-climate for the soul” this property is truly a piece of art

Precious Moments Mansion in Illinois Listed for $3 Million

The suburban Chicago property is listed at nearly $3 million.

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