The United States has already experienced 111 more tornadoes than the national average so far in 2024.  Indiana is at a higher risk than we thought as the U.S. Tornado Index has ranked Indiana as one of the worst states for twisters.

On May 9th, AccuWeather published shocking tornado stats comparing 2024 to the annual average.  So far this year, 670 tornadoes have touched down in the United States compared to the national average of 559 (Jan 1 to April 8th.)  68 tornados hit the U.S. this week alone including 4 in Michigan, 5 in Ohio, and 1 in Indiana Tuesday night.  Even though Indiana was spared from the brunt of the storms this week, the Hoosier state ranks higher than Alabama and Kansas on the Tornado Index.

Important note: I find it strange that the U.S. Tornado Index shows very different results compared to the National Weather Service.  This could be due to the time span as the NOA results stopped at 2010.  However, since we are unable to find where the U.S. Tornado Index gets its numbers we have no way to know for sure.  We have provided the NOA results at the bottom of this page.

10 Worst Tornado States According to the U.S. Tornado Index

  • 1. Oklahoma
  • 2. Mississippi
  • 3. Arkansas
  • 4. Indiana
  • 5. Alabama
  • 6. Kansas
  • 7. Iowa
  • 8. Louisiana
  • 9. Illinois
  • 10. Missouri

Click here for the full list of states.

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5 Worst Tornado Cities According to the U.S. Tornado Index

  • 1. Indianapolis-Carmel
  • 2. Anderson
  • 3. New Castle
  • 4. Kokomo
  • 5. Muncie

Click here for the full list of Indiana cities.


We are unclear on what data the U.S. Tornado Index uses for its methodology.  The National Weather Service shows different numbers.  Below you'll find states ranked by each state's annual average of tornadoes spanning from 1991 to 2010.

10 Worst Tornado States According to the National Weather Service

  • 1. Texas - 155
  • 2. Kansas - 96
  • 3. Florida - 66
  • 4. Oklahoma - 62
  • 5. Nebraska - 57
  • 6. Illinois - 54
  • 7. Colorado - 53
  • 8. Iowa - 51
  • 9. Wisconsin - 45
  • 10. Missouri - 45

Tornado Damage in Southwest Michigan on May 7th, 2024

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