The kiddos will be out of school soon enough. The, "I'm bored," conversations will undoubtedly start soon after that. While I can't keep your kids entertained over the entire summer break, here's something that could be fun.

Did you know that we in West Michigan have multiple trampoline parks?

Nothing will burn through that excess energy faster than jumping around on trampolines for a couple of hours, right?

Here are at least 5 trampoline parks in West Michigan:

Check Out These 5 Trampoline Parks in West Michigan

Looking to burn off some of your kid's energy or just have some fun in general? Check out these trampoline parks in West Michigan.

Even without kids, these look like a blast. Although, my 30+-year-old knees would probably disagree.

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If jumping around and potentially hurting yourself isn't for you, no worries. How about an arcade instead?

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