Michigan is well known for harsh winters, and we're not talking about just snow, we're also talking about freezing temperatures.

We see plenty of snow each and every winter here in Michigan. In fact, Michigan ranks third when it comes to most miserable winters in the United States.

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On average, Michigan receives anywhere from 150 to 180 inches of snow per year. And you wonder why birds fly south for the winter.

At least there's plenty of winter recreation to help keep Michiganders happy during the long snowy season.

According to mlive.com:

While some of these claims – dirty snow piles and terrible commutes – certainly have some merit, we Michiganders know there’s plenty of winter recreation to be had in the Great Lakes state. There’s no arguing that we have snowmobiling and ice fishing. And while our ski hills are not mountains, they’ll fill a cloudy, cold afternoon with chapped-lipped smiles. Don’t forget about snowshoeing on the state’s trail system, and yes, there’s even cross-country skiing.

There's a website known as "Thrillist," which actually ranked Michigan as having the number 3 most miserable winters in the United States.

Here's more from mlive.com:

The website describes winter in Michigan’s lower peninsula as an endless cycle that involves spending all daylight hours at work, fighting through “brown salt sludge” on the commute home, and then waking up to scrape off the car and head to work on frozen roads. The daily commute also includes a traffic jam caused by drivers gawking at an SUV that slid off the road.

If you're a true Michigander, then you've had plenty of time to adapt to harsh Michigan winters. You know what helps me get through the winter months? Bowling! If it wasn't for bowling, I'd be moving south for the winter, right behind the birds.

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