A stranger reunites a lost cat with its owners in Waterford, MI after an 11-hour drive.

Some faith in humanity can now be restored as we approach the Christmas weekend. Lost pets are found and returned to their owners all the time throughout the nation, but this person from Cleveland, Tennessee took returning a lost animal to new extremes.

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To fully appreciate the kindness of this stranger, we need to go back a few weeks in time. The cat in question is named Tucker and is a tuxedo cat owned by Waterford resident Jamie McCall. After a recent trip to Florida, McCall was driving back to Michigan and decided to stop overnight in Cleveland, Tennessee. Unfortunately, Tucker escaped from the hotel room that night and McCall was unable to find him. Eventually, McCall made the decision to return home without Tucker.

After returning home, McCall took to social media to see if anyone had found Tucker. McCall received a message from a Tennessee resident within one hour of posting and that resident took Tucker in until he could be returned home to Michigan. Last week, a man named James "Hurricane" Heathfield drove 11 hours to return Tucker to his home in Waterford. Heathfield's granddaughter Holly was the Tennessee resident that found and cared for Tucker until he could be returned.

Animals can mean so much to families and to lose them suddenly is the worst. Thankfully there are still people out there like James Heathfield that will go above and beyond for a stranger to return a beloved family pet.

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