We know this is going to start a war with those die-hard pizza connoisseurs, but Detroit has reason to brag. Those usual suspects of New York and Chicago need to step aside because the Motor City has been named the "Best Pizza City in America".

If you live in Michigan, this will come as no surprise especially if you've had a slice of the infamous Buddy's Pizza, the originator of the Detroit Style Pizza. Again this year, Clever Real Estate, a company that regularly releases data-oriented rankings of America's biggest cities, compiled a list of the best pizza cities, and Detroit for a second year in a row as the top spot.

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So how did they pick the top 10? Well, it's more than taste that makes you the best of the best. The site not only did a survey of 1,000 American, but it also relied on a mix of metrics such as Google Trends data, Yelp ratings, pizza restaurants per capita, and local pizza prices.

"We didn't want our rankings to feel half-baked, so we included multiple factors to ensure the greatest all-around pizza cities rose to the top", Clever Real Estate said. "Detroit is America's best city for pizza, with low prices and the highest online search activity for pizza".

Detroit basically offers the best "bang for your buck" and keeps the taste on point. New York, for instance, has the most expensive pizza in the country setting you back $35.08 for a large pepperoni pie in NYC, which is  61% higher than average.  The site lists Detroit's No. 1 Google Trends score for BBQ chicken pizza, No. 1 score for Detroit-style pizza, and No. 2 score for meat pizza.

You can check out the full study by clicking here. 

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