The morning following a meteor that flew across lower Michigan, several people reported seeing fighter jets over the state.

The reports were mainly coming from the Detroit suburb of Rochester.

One of them was going crazy fast. Another was crazy loud and lasted like a minute. I wonder what's going on.


With all the jets around? Was that meteor really an alien craft and now the military is trying to find it? I want to believe!


Anyone know why there are a few fighter jets flying around Rochester right now?

The answer may be a little more routine than conspiratorial. The jets could just be routine exercises at Selfridge Air National Guard base in southeast Michigan, and just coincidentally occurring the morning following the fireball

Probably trying different approaches into Selfridge. Looks like there is a route that takes them to just south of selfridge but they have to remain below 4kft.

According to McComb Daily, the jets were part of the Ohio Air National Guard and were performing routine exercises.

It turns out the aircraft were from the Ohio Air National Guard’s 180th Fighter Wing based in Swanton, Ohio, and were conducting training exercises over Michigan airspace.

“We received calls this morning after people saw some of the aircraft flying over Metro Detroit. This was not our exercise,” TSgt. Chelsea E. Barber of SANG’s public affairs said.

According to the 180th wing, the exercise went well.

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[Reports collected from Reddit: here, here and here.]

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