Shortly after recreational marijuana became legal, Michigan State Police began a pilot program to administer road-side drug tests.  Much like road-side alcohol tests, there are certain rights and procedures that come with the situation and now questions are starting to be raised as the program goes statewide.

In an article on, the procedure will stay primarily the same using an oral swab and a detection mechanism.  Now, in addition, Drug Recognition Experts or DREs will be doing an analysis in every Michigan county if the driver is believed to be impaired.  However, some attorneys are saying, because science doesn't yet support the oral fluid test, it's difficult to know if a driver is actually impaired due to what's found in their system.  Further, at least one lawyer would recommend refusing the test since having THC, for instance, in your body doesn't mean you're too drugged to drive.  Check out more of the details by clicking HERE.


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