First let me say that I'm a dog lover and ever since I can remember remembering, there's always been a dog in my life.  My first dog was a mutt named Penny.  My wife Karla and I got drunk on margaritas at a Chi Chi's in Akron, OH in 1985 and stopped on the way home when we saw a sign for "puppies" and wound up with Yuppie.  Here in Michigan we found a Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever we named Allie and now we have a Yellow Lab/Beagle we rescued named Gracie.

However, I have to admit, I'm always nervous around a Pit Bull.  People tell me it's wrong to assume the worst but it seems like when there is an unwarranted attack, 9 times out of 10 it's a Pit Bull.  So I think, again it's probably wrong, that there is something inherent in the breed itself that makes it violent.  By the way, I'm currently friends with a Pit Bull named Hendrix but he looks at me like he knows something I don't.

The question is: is there something to it or is it just my ignorance?  Check out the story about the legislation being proposed HERE.

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