Going to the Secretary of State for almost anything can be such a drag because of the wait, but Michigan officials are looking at ways for speeding things up.

According to FOX 17, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is working on some methods and fixing some old methods of speeding up visits to the Secretary of State. She says she wants to shorten the wait times and also get the self service kiosks back on track for branch offices. Nothing worse that waiting for hours to do something that really on takes a couple minutes.

Benson has not been sitting around waiting to get things rolling, she actually has went to all 131 branch offices since January to find out first hand what the problems are. She just released the results of her visits on her 100th day on the job.

After personally walking into each branch, Benson concluded that one third of the branches were either not in service or just to hard for the average person to use in the first place. She is fighting the good fight and agreeing with the rest of us that it just takes way too long to do the most basic state service.

There are some pretty cool plans on the table from Benson that include automatic driver's license renewals and looking into multi year issued license plates. She also jumped the gun on shutting down the online appointment system that was doable in some branches because of inaccurate wait times that it was sending the customers. Her office decided to reissue the technology with a few upgraded changes.

I sure hope they figure out the multi year license plate function and speed things up because I go there again soon redo my address on everything. Uhhhh!


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