As we've been saying, 2020 is shaping up to be one of the busiest and best concert season maybe of all time.  As of this post, 38 concerts are on the board plus all the concerts that have happened prior to this.  It's been a great year already and it's about to get better.

One of the most iconic members of the Rock Community is coming to Wings Event Center in Kalamazoo.  Neil Young and Crazy Horse have reunited for a new album and a new tour.  The new album is called "Colorado" and the new tour will stop in Kalamazoo May 4th at Wings Event Center.  Tickets go on sale Saturday 3/21 at 10:00am and I for one am really looking forward to this one.  I've only seen CS&N and this will be one of the items I can cross off my concert bucket list.  Plus, I can get to Wings Event Center and back home in 10 minutes.  Win, win.

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