Mike the Peacock is the latest victim in the Pokémon Go craze that is overtaking the sane world of people who have real lives.

Mike is a topiary, which is a plant which is trimmed to an ornamental shape, and he dwells in Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo.

According to MLive.Com, Pokémon Go players have been climbing upon the back of Mike the Peacock to take selfies, while playing the game.

At 1:30 AM. Friday morning, four girls tried to ride him, leaving a gouge in his back, as witnesses tried to stop them. They climbed-off after onlookers threatened to call police.

Volunteers for Kalamazoo in Bloom, who take care of the plants in the park, claim that the Pokémon Go craze has been taking a toll upon the flower beds through-out the park. The electrical outlets on the outdoor stage have been shut-off so that players will not trample the flower beds to get to the outlets to re-charge their devices.

Park authorities estimate that close to 300 people come to the park, on afternoons and weekends, to gather Pokémon Go character’s on their wireless devices.

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