It's always a disappointment when your favorite, local coffee shop shuts its doors. And, unfortunately, that's exactly what's happening in Vicksburg.

Windfall Coffeeshop, which was opened in 2017 by a mother and her two daughters, recently announced that they will be shutting their doors and heading in a new direction. The shop, which was open to anyone who wanted to stop by to snag a coffee, will now be a private clubhouse.

In their announcement on Facebook, which you can see here, they explained that there were many reasons for this sudden change but that they look forward to continuing to serve the Vicksburg community. Instead of coffee, they'll be offering a space for:

  • baby showers
  • bridal showers
  • work parties

And more.

The people of Vicksburg were, obviously, very disappointed. Which was clear with comments like:

Joy W. who said: I'm extremely sad to hear this. We needed this in our small town

Or Peggy M. who commented: Sad to hear it won’t be open to the public. It was always a nice place to stop while shopping in Vicksburg

And MaryAnn H. who wrote: This was one of our favorite places. We wish you well, but we will sure miss you & especially the yummy Five Cheese Melt & baked goodies.

The most common question, however, was about gift cards that had already been purchased. In their announcement, Windfall Coffeehouse said,

We will be posting a lot of information about this transition (including options for your outstanding gift cards) and we hope to answer any questions you may have. Thank you all for your patronage over the past 13+ years and we look forward to continuing to serve you...stay tuned!!

So, it sounds like they have a plan to somehow honor those gift cards. Although, it's unclear how gift cards bought for coffee house-type services will be replaced or utilized. As a reminder, the family also owns Apple Knockers Ice Cream Parlor that is open seasonally.

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As of yesterday, 1/10/22, the Windfall Coffeehouse is officially listed as 'closed' on Google Maps. They also plan to change their website, Facebook page, and Instagram page to match their new business over the next few weeks. Follow them here to stay up to date with changes (and any announcements about purchased gift cards).

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