Here it is, my ten favorite records of 2014 with quick, poorly written descriptions to go along with it.  Remember kids, Uncle Ramone knows best.  Now, run to your local record store and pick up all ten of these killer albums!

10. Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun

Another solid release from one of the most important metal bands of the 21st century.  Not as progressive as their last couple records.  It's more of a straight up rock album.  Plus, "the Motherload" might be the best hard rock song of 2014.

9. Nashville Pussy - Up the Dosage 

Imagine if the Ramones and .38 Special had a kid who ran off to live with Ted Nugent  That's Nashville Pussy.  A drunken, offensive great time, with a female lead guitar player who can shred as well (sometimes even better) as the dudes.

8. Electric Wizard - Time to Die 

Considered by many to be the heaviest band in the world.  Remember kids, Geezer Butler once said that heaviness is an attitude, and the Wizard have that attitude!  Listening to "Time to Die" is the equivalent of getting kicked right in the nuts.  Not recommended for the weak at heart.

7. The Skull - For Those Which Are Asleep

The Skull's debut shows that former Trouble front man Eric Wagner doesn't need his former band mates to make a smoking record.  Well, I take that back; he brought Trouble's rhythm section with him.  An instant classic for fans of stoner/doom rock and my buddy Chris Haner's (from Green Light Music and Video) pick for album of the year.

**I'm currently jamming this album while writing this list.**

6. The Spiders - Electric Shake

A female fronted rock n' roll juggernaut that will make all other rock n' roll bands seem insignificant and unimportant.

5. The Oath - The Oath

In 2014, two cute ladies formed The Oath, released their debut, self titled album on Rise Above Records and then broke up.  But what they left behind is one tremendous album that combines all of our favorite elements of doom and the new wave of British heavy metal.  With one album, the Oath prove that you don't need to be a dude to play kick ass metal.

4. Wo Fat - The Conjuring

More like Whoa Fat, because that's what you'll say after listening to this stoner rock masterpiece, "whoa."

3. Death Penalty - Death Penalty

After doom legends Cathedral disbanded, lead guitarist Gaz Jennings needed to find something to do, so he formed Death Penalty.  If you love new wave of British heavy metal (and doom, of course), you'll freaking love Death Penalty.  Heavy and catchy as hell.

2. Alunah - Awakening The Forest

If you frequent, you might have heard of Alunah.  Their third record, and my second favorite of the year, is guaranteed to please the most die hard Sabbath fans.  Their single, "Heavy Bough," gets my vote for best metal song of the year.

1. Pallbearer - Foundations of Burden

Sophomore album from the greatest thing to come out of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Heavy, dark, and beautiful, "Foundations of Burden" takes you on an auditory journey that you never want to end.  If you're  a fan of doom metal and progressive rock, you'll love Pallbearer.  Granted Pallbearer only have two albums under their belt, the critics, and fans, love them.  Mark my words, in ten years Pallbearer will be considered one of the most important metal bands of this generation.